MongoDB Localhost connection to Power BI using BI connector

MongoDB is NoSQL database and stores data in json format but Business Intelligence tools are depend on Relational Database Management system(RDBMS) throgh JDBC or ODBC. so for Reporting tool to connect to MongoDB(NOSQL Data source) require a SQL connector, ETL tool or Any other Way of accessing Data.

MongoDB is providing a connector for Business Intelligence tools(such as Tableau, Power BI, Qlikview) for developers to write queries with SQL and visualize the reports on MongoDB data.

BI connector will provide the information about the schema of the MongoDB collection to your BI tool. when you write any sql queries from BI tools it will convert them into MongoDB queries and return the result in an Sql format to the BI tool from MongoDB Database.

Installation and Useage of BI Connector

Goto to install Bi connector for Windows

After Installation Open cmd and type
“C:\Program Files\MongoDB\Connector for BI\2.4\bin\mongosqld.exe”

Open ODBC in your Computer

select on System DSN and click on Add button

Click on Mondo odbc 1.2.0 unicode driver or Mongodb odbc 1.2.0 ansi driver

Click on Finish button

after clicking on finish button below image will display.

Data Source Name : Give you Custom name
TCP/IP Server: localhost
Port : 3307
Database : Click on dropdown and select the Database
After giving the above details click on “Test” Button and check, it will show connection successful Message.

Now Open your Bi tool
lets Open Power BI and select get Data button and select “ODBC” .

Select the Data source name(DSN) from the drop down.

Click ok

click “Use my current credentials” and click the connect button.

load the required tables

In this article we connected to Mongodb local host using BI connector Trail version
To connect to MongoDB server we should Purchase BI Connector.

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