On-Premises Data Gateway usage and Schedule refresh in Power BI

Hi Everyone

Hi Everyone
Today will see
How to download data gateway and installation and use it in power bi online
In Simple terms, Data Gateway will act as a medium to transfer data from on-premises (which is not in the cloud) to Microsoft cloud services (like Power BI). this data can be used securely.

Open Power BI Online and in download section click on Data Gateway

Go to https://powerbi.microsoft.com/en-us/gateway/

open the downloaded file and install

Give your registered Powerbi online email id

You can give your custom name(this name will appear in power bi online gateway) and recovery key
Note: Remember Recovery key and keep it safe
Once you click on to configure your gate will be on

Click on Manage gateways

from the dropdown of Data, Source type select your Database and provide details of your server, database, username and password

after adding it. Now go to your Power BI Workspace and Navigate to Dataset section click on more option in the Actions pane

Click on setting

open Gateway connection

Make “Use a data gateway” to on
select your gateway

Now click on “schedule refresh”

Make it On
Provide your Refresh frequency, Time zone and your email id to get notified when it refreshed and click on Apply.

Thank you

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